Community Groups


Sunday - 10:30AM Worship Service | Community Groups 5:30PM

Welcome to Community Groups

No one should have to walk through life alone. This is the conviction behind one of the best ways to get connected at Chelsea Village. Our Community Groups meet in homes throughout the week to share a meal together, pray together, study the Bible together, and share life together. Groups for adults are based around neighborhoods in the community, and we offer one group for 6th-12th grade.

We believe in Community Groups for three reasons:
First, we want to apply God’s word to our lives. We don’t merely want to hear God’s word; we want to see it change us. Our Community Groups focus on discussing Scripture and how it works out in our lives. Every study that we do is intentionally focused on bringing about life transformation.

Secondly, we want to build genuine Christian fellowship. It is difficult to get to know other Christians during the Sunday Morning Worship Gathering. Community Groups provide an opportunity to get to know other Christians and to help each other grow in our relationships with God.

Finally, we want to pray for and care for each other. Because our Community Groups are designed to be open discussions, they provide a context for us to share our burdens and difficulties with each other. They allow believers to pray with and for each other and to walk through life together.

If you would like more information about Community Groups and which one meets nearest you, please visit contact us.