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The suburbs consistently traffic in alternatives to Jesus who sound almost like him but fall drastically short of being the Jesus of the Bible. Life coach Jesus offers seven ways to have a happy life. Bling Jesus tells us that we will have all that our heart desires if we will follow him. Cheerleader Jesus yells “atta boy” as we chase after our dreams.

The real Jesus is altogether different. Rather than being an accessory who helps us get what we have always wanted, he changes our lives so that we join his agenda instead of us enlisting him to follow ours.

We are currently walking through the pages of Matthew’s Gospel and encounter the real Jesus in all of his multi-faceted glory. His power, compassion, deity, humanity, love, and sacrifice will all be on display as we come face to face with, “The Real Jesus.”

October 28th- “The Eternal Reward” Matthew 20:1-16