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An article in a major paper recently observed that, “Anxiety about loneliness is a common feature of modern societies. This can be especially true in the suburbs, where we pull into our garages, park in front of our televisions, stare at our screens, and often don’t interact with our neighbors.

The Christian Gospel offers a cure for the loneliness that plagues us- hospitality. From the earliest descriptions of Christians, they were marked out as a people who welcomed each other and who welcomed outsiders. This was true of them because they grasped that they had been welcomed into the family of God.

Starting March 11th, we’ll take a short break from our series in Matthew to understand how God has given us and we can offer others, “A Place at the Table.”

March 11th– “The Welcoming God” Luke 15

March 18th– “The Welcoming Life” 1 Peter 4:7-11

March 25th– “The Welcoming Church” Romans 15:1-7